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4 languages named Bodo

From todays nearly 7000 existing languages (Src: National Geographic) more than 50% are threatened by extinction. The most of them will probably vanish in the next 100 Years. (Source: Wikipedia)


Codetables catagorizing languages

The norm "ISO 639-3" categorizes languages. Codetables can be found on, where they are provided for the public. For "Bodo" (according to SIL) 4 codes are existing:



SIL Code     Language Name    State          Number of Speakers
brx Bodo Assam, India  1 330 000
buu Budu, Bodo Congo 180 000
gqr Gor, Bodo Tchad 80 000
boy Bodo
Central Africa

-16 (almost extinct)





Reflections about "Bodo" as a Language Name

In Language Theory exists the theory of one origin of all languages. Languages are spoken since 200.000 Years but writing systems (like the sumarian cuneiform or, also very interesting: the Jiahu Symbols) can only proof their existance since 6000-8000 Years. When we consider Languages today we can group them to language families that may have the same origin.



"Bodo" as a language name is especially to be found among Bantu, which is part of the Niger-Congo Language Family (2 of 4). Another  is part of the Nilo-Sahara-Language Family. And the biggest among them is to be found in the Sino-Tibetan Language Family.

There are some languages that nearly sound like "Bodo" in pronounciation, like "Boda", "Boro" or "Bozo".

Like the "Indo-Euopean Language" Bantu Languages have a theoretical origin language: The Proto-Bantu-Language , which is estimated to be older than 3000 BC. Such construction of a Proto-Language uses comparision of todays languages and form origin stem out of them. As you'll see (in the Link above) the term "Bodo" is not directly a stem. But *-bod- exists, and even thought not a direct connection can be made

Informations about Bantu Languages, Wikipedia