Indo-European expansion 4000–1000 BC, according to the Kurgan hypothesis. File: Dbachmann, cc 3.0, wikipedia

More than 5000 years of history

What have words like Bodine, Buddha, Body, Bote, Boje and Button in common? They are allied to the name "Bodo". Their origin is the indoeruropean stem "*budh-" or "*beudh".


Bodo has a history that is much older than his old high german origin: more than 5000 years. More than 60% of the world population nowadays speak languages with indoeuropean derivation.

What does the name "Bodo" exactly mean? When was it created? Is it allied to other similar words like buthan, botox, both, butter or boot?  Well, we'll see ...

Here are some more reflections on language Development, that could help  estimating the results on the word bodo and its origin: