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The long way to "Fort Bodo", Expedition from Henry M. Stanley
The long way to "Fort Bodo", Expedition from Henry M. Stanley

Wondering about the own first name

When i was 10  i asked my father, why i was named "Bodo". He told me about the Tale of "Knight Bodo", Character from 50s-Comic "Sigurd". I was impressed because he told me, even if Bodo was not the Main Character, he was his personal Hero. Of course my mother had another version of the Story: a friend of the family had that name.

Than came 1985 and a german song called "Bodo und der Bagger" (Bodo with the digger). Everyone had much fun singing that one in front of me, when i mentioned my name and i was a bit annoyed. So i sang with them louder and longer till they stopped. Since then i v´never heard of it again. Before that i was Called "Bodo Ballermann", a german song written by Udo Lindenberg, about a soccer star and his descend. Maybe i was called so because i played soccer in a Team of a little village (located near Aurich, northern germany).

Hence i recognized very early, that first name cause something they seemed to be important for people somehow and in my case connect them to me. So i was wondering about the origin and meaning of the name and began to listen to the people. They had a lot to tell about "Bodo". I began to collect these stories and began myself to investigate ... How much can i find out?

Here on "Planet Bodo" i collect and present the results ...