"Pico Bodon", home of a celtic god

"Pico Bodon"  & ein keltischer Gott
"Pico Bodon" & ein keltischer Gott

The peak (spanish: Pico) "Bodon" is a popular excursion Destination for mountain hiker. With a height of 1967 meters it's worth to make it in one day. This crazy guy did it by bike: (Pico Bodon by Bike)

In Celtic Mithology once God "Bodo" lived here (informations in spanisch). The meaning in the celtic language is "the victorious", directly deriving from the celtic stem "*bodi, *boudi" (for victory) (Source: Proto-keltisches Wörterbuch).

Further infomations can read in an old book written by Julia Miranda-Bodon, who evidently also was seeking for the origin of her family name.

Foto: Club Juvenil Antales (cc 2.0)
Foto: Club Juvenil Antales (cc 2.0)

Nearby (Leon, Carmenes) there's another Pico Bodon, but still without a remaining celtic mytholgical legend.